Precious Metals

At the EV Diamond, we crafted our finest jewelleries with precious materials to ensure your lifetime investment.

There, we love to help you to choice what are the best precious metals to fit your particular style.

Yellow Gold:

Perhaps, the Yellow Gold is the most popular precious metal used in jewellery forcenturies.

Gold resistant to rust and tarnish, its easy to polish and repair. Gold has richness in colour and heritage.

The purity of the gold is measured by Karat. Range from 9K, 14K, and 18K up to 24K of pure gold (approx. 38% purity to 100% purity of 24K), after pure gold alloyed with metals (Silver, Cooper and Zinc). Mixed metal with pure gold will increase its strength and durability. The 18K gold (75% pure gold) is must command purity for making jewelleries. Other 25% metal of Yellow Gold is combined with Silver or Cooper; it provides the best compromise between colour, lustre and strength.


White Gold:

Gold is the most popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. White Gold has similar appearance with Platinum. It’s a mixture of white colour metals such as nickel and palladium. The finished white gold jewellery is plated with rhodium to give its shining white appearance and lustre.


Rose Gold:

The Rose Gold is mixture of 75% pure gold with 25% cooper. It can has varies hues of beautiful pinky and red by changing metal alloy.




Due to its rarity and strength, The Platinum is most valuable precious metal, it’s extremely durability to resistance to ware and tarnish. Platinum emits shining white lustre and maintains its sheen and beauty with other metals.

They come with Pt950 (5% alloys) and Pt900 (10% alloy).