Natural pearls are very rear to find in the natural nowadays. The most of pearls sold are cultured.

There are Freshwater and Saltwater pearls, both are look pretty much similar. The Freshwater Pearls come from various species of freshwater mussels, which live in lakes, rivers ponds and other bodies of fresh water. On the other hand, the Saltwater Pearls grow within pearl oysters, which live in oceans. Saltwater pearl oysters are usually cultivated in protected lagoon or volcanic atolls.

Pearls, especially Freshwater Pearls, can be dyed in various colors of yellow, green, blue, pink, purple or black.

The very best pearls have a metallic mirror-like luster price of viagra online.

Color: Typical pearl body color is White, Creamy, Light Yellow, Pink, Silver and Black. The pearl’s color also can have overtone which can be seen when the light reflects of its surface.

Luster: Good pearls can produce an intense, deep shine from its surface. The luster differences are be seen by Pearl Size, larger size pearls luster are more visible that small size pearls.

Shape: Highest quality and rarest pearlsappear to be in round shape.  They are normally come of Round, Off-Round, Oval, Teardrop, and Semi-baroque.

Surface: Smoothest surface of a pearl, higher quality it is.

Size: The size of the pearl depends on the type of the pearls, Freshwater or Saltwater. Freshwater pearls are ranged from 3.0mm to 7.0mm or bigger in general.  Saltwater Pearls are from 6.00 to even 13mm in size.

Care of Pearls: Be aware, pearls are made primarily of calcium carbonate; they can be dissolved in vinegar. Stay away with household chemicals, perfumes and hair spree etc. Wipe them with soft cloth and prevent scratch of their surface store them separated with other jewelries.