Diamond Certifications

Ensuring the quality of a diamond you purchased, you should always deal with certified diamonds to protect your purchase.

The certificate of the diamond also known of “Diamond Grading Report” which it is provided by professional gemologists at the labs. GIA (Gemological Institute of America),HRD (Diamond Council of Belgium); AGS(AGS Laboratory), IGI(International Gemological Institute) and EGL-USA Gemological Laboratory, those are world renowned gemological labs, and there are some local laboratories to service the customers within.

A loose diamond certificate will give exactly grade of the stone, Carat Weight, Cut, Color, Clarity and other details using internationally recognized grading system (GIA 4c’s).But the certificate doesn’t tell you the value of the stone.

Buying diamonds with certificate is very important. With certificate, consumers will easily understand the quality of the diamond they purchased, without confusion and prevent misrepresentation. Wherever you are dealing with Diamond Jewelries, please make sure there is a certificate available; it will give you a protection of your investment.